Hello! Welcome to Believing & Achieving Customer Service Consulting. My name is Monique Brown and I am the Owner/Founder of Believing & Achieving Customer Service Consulting. I am also a Customer Experience Strategist Coach. We specialize in training small businesses owners and their teams on how to provide their customers with an Elite Customer Service/Experience. The more connections that you make with your clients, the more they trust you and your company to do what’s best for them. When customers trust a company and are happy with their service, they will in turn give that business great referrals, be loyal customers and buy from that company over and over. Keeping your customers is the #1 goal of every company and retaining your current customers is key!

During this training you and your team will learn strategies to use in your daily operations to retain your clients by providing an Elite Customer Service Experience through engagement and building relationships.

Happy Customers is our goal!

If you are an Entrepreneur/Small Business owner and you do not have a Retention Strategy in place to keep your customers before, during and after the sale, you are doing your business an INJUSTICE!!!!

Enroll in 1 of our Elite Customer Service/Experience Training Programs or 1:1 Coaching Sessions today so we can help you and your team embrace the journey of retention which will in turn grow your business.

Per statistics, 80% of your company’s future revenue will come from just 20% of your existing customers. What this means is that most of your profits will come from your current customers instead of your new customers. It is detrimental to your business to do everything in your power to keep your current clients happy so that they will continuously come back.

Have you heard of the phrase “It’s cheaper to keep her”?  This is exactly how it goes in business. When you are trying to get paying clients, you must spend money on advertising, persuading them to purchase your service, marketing and you may even give huge discounts or incentives to get their business. This is a lot of hard work and it is expensive!

When you have a returning client, you don’t need to spend the same money on advertising and marketing that you did in the beginning, however, now you must work harder on retaining them and a lot of businesses miss this part, which causes them to loss their best paying clients. Customer Experience is the backbone of every company.

You may have the most amazing service/product, best automated systems in place, but if you do not know how to provide your precious customers with the most amazing customer experience, they will go elsewhere. You can even have the cheapest prices in the area for your services, but if your client doesn’t feel as though your service or product is worth paying for with their hard earned money, then they will go to another business where they will get the same service/product that you offer, but a better overall customer experience.

Building a connection with your clients is easier said than done. Although the way that you treat your client is key, such as being polite, professional and on time…..these are only the obvious ways of making a connection with your clients and there are so many more ways to build lasting relationships with your Most Valuable Assets which are your Clients!

Let us train your staff so your company will be known for it’s Elite Customer Service/Experience!

Let’s love on your clients!!!

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Monique’s services are A1. I wanted her webinar and realized I had some holes in my customer experience. She was so kind and helpful in explaining the importance of creating a survey so I could see what works. I know it may seem simple but I never thought to do it. I immediately did what she said. It has helped me tremendously and I can not wait to use her workbook to help me further my business and customer experience. USE HER, do not delay.

Shannon Payton

I requested Monique’s service two days prior to the date needed and she accommodated her schedule to deliver her service! I have a small business and felt it necessary to have an expertise join our quarterly meeting. Monique was engaging and allowed all staff members to participate. She really honed in on how essential the first impression is in a business. I would highly recommend her expertise as a Customer Experience Strategist! Thank you Monique! -Face Down Chairs

Courtney Walker

If you need strategies on how to perfect your onboarding process to make your customer experience outstanding, then Monique is your lady to help you improve. Monique has been in customer service for many years and is a senior manager in a Popular International Company. She knows her stuff. I beseech you, get Monique’s strategy session today to perfect your onboarding systems & client relationship so that you would never be out of business.

Risha Ferdinand